About SparklePriestess


Hi! I'm Rachel, or SparklePriestess. I'm an artist and designer who lives in the Bay Area - all SparklePriestess leggings are designed by me, using my digital artwork. I've been drawing since I was little, and my artwork has always been themed around fairy tales, nature, and magic. I use symbolism heavily in my work, and am delighted by both beautiful, colorful images and also dark magic themes. Weird mix, I know! I love creating traditional media drawings, paintings, and doodles, as well as digital designs and artwork.

 As well as being an artist, I have a passion for fashion and style and I've been sewing my own clothing for years. I love leggings and I wear them year round, almost every day! I wear them for fashion, and also for yoga and working out. However, although I can sew leggings, I really wanted to have some unique, artist leggings with my artwork printed on them. After trying out other custom printers, I found a great company in Canada to make my custom printed SparklePriestess leggings. Right now each legging is made to order, so shipping and production times are about 5 to 10 business days to make them, and then 2-6 business days for shipping (for US customers.)  

I love my leggings and wear them all the time, and I know you will too!

You can find us on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest as well!