I’m not sure when my love affair with boots began. It was probably sometime after my mid 20’s – around that time my feet were really starting to feel the effect of wearing way too many stiletto high heels. Boots and booties have that cool-casual vibe that I’m after. When I’m shoe shopping, somehow I always gravitate towards a good pair of boots.

Today I’m sharing my latest boot crush – these gorgeous red embossed SweetWater ankle booties by 5028. This brand is Colorado local! You guys know I love shopping local. However, it’s much easier to find clothing and jewelry options than it is stylish shoes – so I got really excited about this company!

5028 is a small business run by husband and wife team Mike and Angilina. I love stories like this! She’s a footwear designer by trade. 5028 was born from her experience working in the industry and seeing how much money and material are wasted during traditional shoe production. They decided to start a small batch, artisan shoe company that used up the wasted materials by creating limited run, unique shoes! This is so cool to me – I love it when people find innovative solutions for problems that other people aren’t solving. Waste in the fashion industry is a HUGE problem.  You can read more about the story here.

Because I’m a fancy b$tch, I am into the idea of owning high end shoes that only a couple of hundred people own. These red Sweetwater booties have the prettiest embossing on the leather, and of course I love the bright red. They also come in a golden yellow color and it was a tough choice between them! I am going to have to pick up the yellow too, I think.

As for quality, I couldn’t be happier. The leather is very nice and the sole is solid and well made. When I first put them on, they felt a little tight across the balance and I was worried they would pinch my feet. However, they loosened up a little upon wearing them and they are very comfortable. I’ve worn them out twice for dinner and they’ve been great to walk in. Sometimes when I get home and take off my shoes it’s a relief, but not with these booties.

Another thing I’m kind of geeking out on is the fact that they offer custom design services. So if you’re a local fashion designer or boutique, they can work with you to design a custom shoe line. WHAT? I’ve never heard of that before.

I feel like these fall in a really nice price point for a quality leather shoe, especially one that’s limited run and local. Most styles are around $120 – $160. Good leather shoes can last a lifetime with care, and you can get them resoled as well.

If you’re Colorado local, they will be at some upcoming events around Denver and Boulder! I love local fashion events – it’s a great way to make connections with people doing awesome stuff. You can check out the event schedule here.

Let me know if you’re planning to attend any in comments – I’d love to meet up and hang out in real life!

Cheers – Rachel

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