Making Printed Leggings - From Art to Asanas

Raven's Claw Yoga Leggings

Every image I create starts with an inspiration. It can be a little thing I saw that day such as a flower, animal, or person, a line from a book or poem, or even a dream I had. A lot of my inspiration springs from certain themes - magic, nature, fairy tales. I'm heavily influenced by style trends as well. Sometimes an idea gets captured in a small sketch, and sometimes they get made into a larger painting or design. The designs I use for SparklePriestess printed leggings are all digitally created - it's easiest to use digital files for production.

My favorite style of artwork for printed leggings mixes the look of traditional artwork and graphic elements.

This style is really popular in tattoos right now too! Luckily, it's easy to create the illusion of traditionally created artwork with digital tools these day. I use a few different programs to create artwork and designs. Adobe Photoshop is industry standard. It's a powerhouse program for combining paintings and graphic elements and creating the final design files. Adobe Photoshop is a vector based design program. I use it to create geometric elements that can be altered and resized easily. Clip Studio is a drawing program like Photoshop, however it has a few unique tools I like to use. The traditional media drawing tools are excellent - I can create realistic and natural feeling sketches and line drawings digitally. It also has a great symmetrical drawing feature for creating mandalas and mirrored designs. And finally, Corel Painter is the most powerful and realistic traditional painting imitation software. It's great for creating oil, acrylic, and watercolor look digital paintings.

Designing on my Lenovo laptop is easy! It's lightweight and portable, so I can take it anywhere.

Here's a closer look at the artwork for the Raven's Claw printed leggings. 

Raven's Claw Yoga Leggings

This digital design is obviously quite Gothic themed. I love wings and raven themes - I've always loved birds. I grew up in a rural area and as a kid we rescued and raised several baby birds - including a baby crow that blew down from a high nest in a wind storm. We named her "Edgar" and she lived with us until she grew up. After "Edgar" learned how to fly, she flew away and built a nest close to our house. We realized that "Edgar" was a girl when she got a mate and they had babies. She would bring her family to sit on our rooftop and visit with us. Although her family wouldn't come close, she remained pretty tame and would come down to hang out with us. Getting to hold and examine a crow up close gave me a great appreciation for their beautiful feathers, awesome clawed feet, and intelligent eyes.

This Raven's Claw printed legging design makes me feel extra cool when I practice Crow Pose in yoga!

Raven's Claw Yoga Leggings

I continue to get inspiration for new artwork and printed legging designs every day! You can check out what I'm loving right now by following SparklePriestess on Pinterest. And, you can follow us on Instagram and Facebook! If you love the story behind this design, subscibe to our newsletter to get updates on new blog posts, and new design releases too!

XOXO, Rachel

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