Leggings Outfit Ideas

If you're like me, you spend a lot of time in leggings. I'm a huge fan of the #LeggingsAsPants movement! I use two great websites for leggings outfit planning ideas - Polyvore and Pinterest

Polyvore is a super fun way to create shopable leggings outfit ideas. You can search through thousands of product images pulled from all over the web, and paste them into fun and creative collages called "Sets". Each item retains it's link and shoppable information, so you can go and purchase the items you used. You can also share your outfit collage creations with the Polyvore community, and with your own social network. Polyvore also has a special option for saving sets for Pinterest with the additional shopping information for the look listed below, like the image above. This is a great way to shop looks!

leggings outfit ideas

Making Sets is as easy as dragging and dropping, and there are also fun backgrounds, graphic elements, text, and photo images to make your collages really creative.

 You can also search through the community to see other peoples Sets too - you can brows the trending Sets, or search for specific content like leggings outfit ideas. It's easy to share your Sets on Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest, which is what I do. 

You would think there were only so many ways to wear leggings, but there are actually an infinite number of ways to style your leggings outfits. I like to mix colors and textures together. Since my lifestyle consists of going to the gym and yoga studio frequently mixed with shopping, design work, and coffee shops, many of my outfits feature sports bras, leggings (of course) comfy but stylish sweaters, cute shoes, and trendy accessories. 

I keep my Sets in a Pinterest board called #LeggingsAsPants. This way I can easily share them with the Pinterest community. I also save other people's Polyvore Sets and Pinterest images about leggings outfit ideas in this board. That way I have an awesome visual collection of inspiration for leggings outfit ideas to browse through if I'm feeling stuck in a routine! I love how easy it is to get access to thousands of outfit inspiration ideas using Polyvore and Pinterest. Both websites have a unique set of features, but they work really well together. I encourage you to go and start making your own outfit idea Sets on Polyvore!



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