Guest Post - Awakening the Yoga Goddess Inside You

awaken the yoga goddess inside you

Today we have a guest post by the lovely Skye Grace! Skye is a yoga teacher who blogs about the sweetness and spiciness of life on her blog, Mango Currie. We love her compassionate, down to earth approach to life and her uplifting guidance in her blog and her yoga classes. She has graciously created a 45 minute yoga practice to share with you today entitled "Awaken the yoga goddess within you!" I encourage you to try it out today to add some goddessy light to your life! 


No matter what anyone tells us and no matter how anyone treats us, we all know deep down that we are powerful in our own right. A Yoga Goddess is committed to helping women embrace their own power both physically, mentally, and spiritually. It is easy for us to forget our power when we have had work overload, too many responsibilities, and painful pasts.  With our world ever changing and evolving, it becomes even more important that we curate all those beautifully strong and feminine aspects of ourselves. 

When we practice Yoga, we practice self care, compassion, courage, and strength. When we come to our mats, we face ourselves, each other, and the world. Yoga connects us to our bodies which in essence is our vehicle through time and space. Through yogic breath, we can stimulate heat within our bodies, calm our nervous system, and ultimately cleanse ourselves from the inside out. Like a filter system, we can learn to distill the mental chatter, negative habits, and self abnegating thoughts. 

For your daily yoga practice I have incorporated a quick 45 minute Yoga sequence to enliven, stimulate, and ignite the Yoga Goddess in you.

Awaken the yoga goddess inside you

Before You Start: Turn down the lights, light your favorite incense, and play your favorite tunes. Feel free to follow me on Spotify and add the "Yogi Goddess" playlist to your library. 

Props: 2 blocks.

Note: I and E stand for inhalation of the breathe and exhalation of the breath.

Start in a seated position. Palms come together at your heart center for Anjuli Mudra. Thumbs press into your chest as if it were ringing the doorbell to your heart's intention.  The Anahata Chakra is associated with love, compassion and acceptance. Take a moment to allow yourself to feel all of these things—love, compassion and acceptance, not only for others, but also for yourself. When you’re ready, take your time coming to your hands and knees. Use your inhale to extend your spine and open your heart to Cow Pose. As you exhale, round your spine so that your back comes into Cat Pose. Focus on accentuating the natural curves in your spine.  Repeat this three to five rounds linking your breath with your movement. 

Sun Salutation A – Traditional 1 slow and 2 flow.
Sun Salutation B – Begin with Prayer Twist – vinyasa flow to down dog.
  • I - Crescent Moon 
  •  E - Crescent Lunge with airplane arms 
  •  I - Crescent Lunge
  •  E - Crescent Lunge with chest expansion (fingers interlaced behind your back)
  •  I - Warrior 3
  •  E - Warrior 2 
  •  I - Reverse Warrior
  • E- Extended Side Angle                                                                                                                                  
  • I - Warrior 2                                                                                                                                                       
  • E- High to Low Plank                                                                                                                                     
  • I - Upward Facing Dog                                                                                                                                  
  • E- Downward Facing Dog

    Practice 3 times. First time slow. Second time, breath to movement.

    Core Strengthening (use two blocks as props)

    Place both blocks on either side of you mat, hip width distance apart. On your inhale, place your hands on your blocks and come into reverse table top position. On your exhale, shift your weight back and press your hands into the two blocks. As your pressing your hands, engage your core, lift your hips, and cross your ankles. Hold for 3-5 breaths releasing back down. Repeat 6- 8 times.

    Sun Salutation C                                                                                                          

    •  E - Downward Facing Dog
    •  I - Warrior 2
    •  E - Extended Side Angle
    •  I - Star Pose 
    •  E - Goddess Pose (Bend your knees deeply out the sides and sink your hips down to the height of your knees.Bring your arms out at shoulder height and bend your elbows so that your fingertips point upward.)
    • I -Star Pose                                                                                                                
    • E - Warrior 2
    •  I - Reverse Warrior
    • E - High to Low Plank
    •  I - Upward Facing Dog
    •  E - Downward Facing Dog

    Practice 3 times. First time slow. Second time, breath to movement.

    Awaken the yoga goddess inside you

    Hip Opening                                                                                                                                                        Half Pigeon Pose (From downward dog, lift your right leg and bring your right knee forward about half way. Externally rotate (turn out) your right hip so that your right knee moves out to the right. Then place your right outer shin and knee down, and slide your back leg back. Stay here for 3 breaths on both the right and left side. If you feel to much pressure on your hip or ankle, take one of your blocks and place it underneath your chest to take out the exertion.)

    Spine Strengthening/Heart Opening                                                                                                                                              Cobra Pose (Roll onto your belly with the tops of your feet pressing into your mat. Keep your hands underneath your shoulders and use the strength of your back to lift yourself up. Pull your shoulder blades towards one another. Hold for 3-5 breaths and release.)  

    Camel Pose (Stand up on your knees and separate them hip width distance apart. Place your hands onto your lower back, palms facing down. Lean back, with your chin slightly tucked toward your chest. Beginners can stay here, keeping their hands on their lower back.)  

    Awaken the yoga goddess inside you

    Surrender Series                                                                                                                                               Supine Twist (From supine position, bent one knee and cross it outside of the opposite foot. Use the hand to put slight pressure on the bent knee to push down towards the floor. Keep both shoulders squared and rooted into the mat.)

    Happy Baby Pose (Open your knees slightly wider than your torso, then bring them up toward your armpits. Position each ankle directly over the knee and grab either the back of your thighs or the soles of your feet.  Flex through the heels. Gently push your feet up into your hands. 

    Take the two blocks and place each one underneath the back of your knee as you lay into Savasana. Place your right hand over your belly and your left over your heart. Close your eyes and breathe naturally. This is your time to absorb the benefits of your practice, to fully surrender, and to find enjoyment in all that is you. 

    Affirmation: I am a Yoga Goddess!

    Love and Light,

    Skye Grace

    Awaken the yoga goddess inside you

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