Animals Leggings Collection - Red Panda

Red Panda Leggings
Here's the first edition of my new Animals legging collection - Red Panda Leggings!
I thought it would be really fun to created a themed legging collection! I narrowed it down to two themes that I personally was interested in and thought people would like - zodiac and animals. I posted on Facebook and asked my friends which they would prefer. I got a pretty even split between the two! Luckily, a friend suggested that I do an animal themed collection, as well as a zodiac themed collection - and I could release 1 zodiac themed legging each month. I thought this was a brilliant solution. I got a lot of suggestions for what animals to feature, and my favorite one was for a Red Panda. My friend Courtney loves Red Pandas - she thinks they are the cutest animal and she likes to watch YouTube videos of them when she's feeling sad. I agree with her - Red Pandas are super cute. When I lived in Denver, I even got to see one at the Denver zoo. As it turns out, they had 2 baby Red Pandas arrive there last year! Adorable.
Creating a Red Panda leggings design also allowed me to look up some cool facts about Red Pandas. Such as -
  • Red Pandas are native to the Himalayas and Southeastern China.
  • They are not related to regular Pandas at all - they are the only living member of the family Ailuridae. They are considered to be living fossils!
  • The are endangered! :(
  • The are bamboo feeders and must have a bamboo forest to survive. However, they also eat other plants, small animals and bugs.
  • Each Red Panda has the same general distinctive coloring, but each one's markings are unique.
  • They are fairly solitary in the wild and only get together for mating.

For other awesome facts about Red Pandas, you can visit these links!

And lastly, here's the artwork I used to make the Red Panda leggings! I wanted to make a Red Panda climbing a tree, since they are a tree-climbing animal. They even have a false "thumb" that's adapated to helping them climb up trees.

Designing for leggings is a little different than making other illustrations. The design goes down the side of the leg, and the side areas of the image are mostly cropped off. So the main focus has to be very long and narrow, with a more abstract background that doesn't contain any elements necessary to the design. I chose a dappled green geometric pattern here, to give the impression of leaves. The programs I used to create this design are Clip Studio and Adobe Photoshop. The next animal I'm going to make for the collection is a fox! 

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