Animals Legging Collection - Red Fox

red fox leggings
Red Fox just arrived - it's the second design in our Animals legging collection - available, like all of our designs, in leggings, yoga leggings, capris, and yoga capris. I made the first design, Red Panda, at the request of a friend - but I made Red Fox because I think foxes are cool! I like their eyes - they look very intelligent and they have slitted pupils, like a cat! I thought this was very interesting because foxes are canines, so I looked it up. According to Reddit /askscience, it's because foxes, like cats, are more nocturnal than dogs or wolves, and the slitted shape helps them see in the dark more. There's a much more science-y answer, but you can click on the link to read it! :D
Foxes are super popular in folklore and fairy tales from all areas of the world, from Aesop's fables to Japanese Kitsune. They are almost always clever tricksters, not evil, but very mischievous. 
A fox totem animal will bring you the foxy qualities of wisdom, cleverness, adaptibility and quick thinking. 
Here are some more awesome fox facts!
  • A female fox is called a vixen and a male fox is called a dog fox.
  • Foxes belong to the canine family, along with wolves, dogs and coyotes.
  • Fox eyes glow green when a light is shined into them at night. Awesome!
  • Foxes use the earth's magnetic field to hunt. Crazy!
  • Foxes are mostly solitary, unless mating.
  • Foxes have a crazy yipping, screaming cry that sounds terrible!

Here are some great websites to read more about foxes!

And lastly, here's the artwork I created for the Red Fox leggings!

red fox artwork


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