6 Printed Legging Brands That Are Awesome, Not Basic

6 printed legging brands that are awesome, not basic
Black leggings are ubiquitous. It's rare that I look around a yoga studio and see a unique pair of leggings that have that wow factor! When I do see them, I usually ask where they came from. I personally love bright, unusual leggings with cool graphic prints and artwork on them. I've searched through Instagram and Pinterest and compiled a list of 6 printed leggings brands that are making really cool, unique leggings! (Yes, SparklePriestess is one of them! I love my leggings! :P)

1. Black Milk

The first and OG brand of awesome printed leggings is Black Milk. I'm not sure if everyone knows about Black Milk, but they are awesome. The story of Black Milk warms my heart - it's the story of an Australia guy who pawned his CD player in 2009 to buy a sewing machine. That's the kind of story that makes my sewing - loving heart flutter. I love companies that start with passion and a dream and use hard work to make it a reality! Black Milk got a lot of fame for their Muscle leggings and Galaxy leggings, and now they have branded sponsorship from Marvel, DC, Doctor Who - all kinds of aweome stuff. Here are some of my favorite styles from them! 

2. Teeki

Next up is a Teeki, a brand that makes really cute festival wear and southwestern themed clothes. I've seen a few of their designs around in the streets and at the studio... a couple of them are really popular, like the Love The Elephant style and the Deer Medicine style. My favorite one is the Unicorn Wrangler shown above! What's extra cool about Teeki is that they are all about sustainability, and their fabric is made from recycled water bottles. The also have a page up all about the Standing Rock pipeline situation - with lots of links about what's going on, and how to help.

3. Eagle Rock WerkShop

Eagle Rock Werkshop King Tut Leggings

Eagle Rock Werkshop has some of the coolest art leggings in the game. They have so many amazing styles like the Pirate leggings, the Mermaid leggings, and the King Tut ones shown here! All of their leggings are designed, printed, and sewn in an eco and socially conscious way in Los Angeles. Sadly, as I was doing research for this article, I came across a leggings "business" called Lotus Leggings that was selling their designs. I thought they were an authorized reseller until I came across this page on Werkshop's website explaining that Lotus Leggings is blatantly ripping them off and reproducing their designs in China and reselling them. Unfortunately this kind of stuff happens all the time to artists, China's laws are different from our own and there's virtually no way to stop it. So be aware - support the artists at Werkshop and don't buy crappy stolen reproductions!

4. Flexi Lexi

Flexi Lexi has some seriously cute fruit leggings, like these Watermelon ones. They also have gorgeous ombre gradient leggings in different colors and fun splatter paint ones... and a bunch more! The leggings are made in Thailand and they also offer services to help you start your own leggings line using their factory, which is cool! Additionally, they hold yoga retreats in Thailand where you can take in the beautiful scenery, and relax and rejuvenate your spirit!

6. Arthletic Wear

 Arthletic Wear is a company I came across doing an Instagram yoga challenge! They have a bunch of gorgeous, brightly colored leggings designs like the Dark Crystal ones above, as well as these Aurora Borealis leggings and these Daydreamer ones - They have a BUNCH of unique designs! I think it's really cool that they are a successful Kickstarter company! Just goes to show that dreams are being achieved every day, people!

6. SparklePriestess  

Strength and Beauty leggings from SparklePriestess.com

And of course, I can't leave out my own leggings brand, SparklePriestess! All of my leggings, like the Strength and Beauty design shown above, have a personal story behind them. Strength and Beauty is a tribute to my best friend Annie. Some of them, like the Red Panda design, are made because a friend really wanted them. And some of them, like the Raven's Claw are based on a personal experience - in this case, raising a baby crow as a pet when I was a kid. My leggings are all designed by me with love, and printed and sewn in a factory in Canada that pays a living wage. I started my leggings brand like many of the bands above - to fulfill a personal desire to have awesome, unique leggings to wear and share with the world! 

So there you have it - 6 fun, creative and unique legging brands to bring some swag to your legs during yoga, pilates, gymnastics, aerial, pole, or just lounging around. 

XOXO, Rachel

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