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Guest Post - Awakening the Yoga Goddess Inside You

Guest Post - Awakening the Yoga Goddess Inside You

awaken the yoga goddess inside you

Today we have a guest post by the lovely Skye Grace! Skye is a yoga teacher who blogs about the sweetness and spiciness of life on her blog, Mango Currie. We love her compassionate, down to earth approach to life and her uplifting guidance in her blog and her yoga classes. She has graciously created a 45 minute yoga practice to share with you today entitled "Awaken the yoga goddess within you!" I encourage you to try it out today to add some goddessy light to...

6 Printed Legging Brands That Are Awesome, Not Basic

6 printed legging brands that are awesome, not basic
Black leggings are ubiquitous. It's rare that I look around a yoga studio and see a unique pair of leggings that have that wow factor! When I do see them, I usually ask where they came from. I personally love bright, unusual leggings with cool graphic prints and artwork on them. I've searched through Instagram and Pinterest and compiled a list of 6 printed leggings brands that are making really cool, unique leggings! (Yes, SparklePriestess is one of them! I love my leggings!...

Animals Legging Collection - Red Fox

red fox leggings
Red Fox just arrived - it's the second design in our Animals legging collection - available, like all of our designs, in leggings, yoga leggings, capris, and yoga capris. I made the first design, Red Panda, at the request of a friend - but I made Red Fox because I think foxes are cool! I like their eyes - they look very intelligent and they have slitted pupils, like a cat! I thought this was very interesting because foxes are canines, so I looked it up. According...

Sponsoring Yoga Challenges

Sponsoring Instagram yoga challenges

We're proud to announce that SparklePriestess Clothing will be sponsoring two yoga challenges on Instagram this spring! If you follow us on Instagram, you can join and follow along with the other participants!

 We are hosting the #AYogisGift challenge and the #SplitsLovingSquad challenges! One winner from each challenge will receive the SparklePriestess leggings of their choice as a prize!

Instagram yoga challenges are a super fun way to practice a little yoga every day, to try new poses, and to gain a super supportive global yoga...

Animals Leggings Collection - Red Panda

Red Panda Leggings
Here's the first edition of my new Animals legging collection - Red Panda Leggings!
I thought it would be really fun to created a themed legging collection! I narrowed it down to two themes that I personally was interested in and thought people would like - zodiac and animals. I posted on Facebook and asked my friends which they would prefer. I got a pretty even split between the two! Luckily, a friend suggested that I do an animal themed...