About Me

Hey there! I'm Rachel - a creative, multipassionate artist.

I’ve been drawing ever since I picked up picked up a crayon as a small child growing up in the Mojave desert in California. I love to create traditional artwork in watercolor, ink, colored pencil and gouache. I also love to create digital artwork, repeating patterns, and textile art. My highest ambition is to become an awesome old lady who quilts and paints – and is current on all the latest art software. My style is bold, colorful, and expressive. You’ll find themes of femme aesthetic, nature, mysticism and pop culture in my work. I’ve worked for many years as graphic designer, illustrator, and pattern designer. 

“I’m on a creative journey through life to seek meaning, create beauty, and spread joy.”

On my site you’ll find my explorations in creativity on my blog – where I share about my love of style, home, local shopping, and of course – art. Sharing useful tips & tutorials for other artists – whether they’re just starting out or seasoned like me – is really fun for me. Creativity spills over into all aspects of my life! You’ll also find my artwork for sale in my shop – I work in a variety of styles and subjects, but all of it is lovely, feminine, coloful, and bold. My current series is called TittiesOut Portraits – body positive boob art just for women. You can read more about it here!